Fumari Ambrosia 100g

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Ambrosia Fumari Shisha Tobacco is a shisha originated from Texas, the newest addition to our shisha collection. Fumari is known worldwide as a premium hookah tobacco. Fumari shisha is made in small, regularly replenished batches with so many unique flavors. Every batch is taste tested, packaged in resealable pouches to keep them strikingly fresh until the very last bowl.

In Greek Mythology, Ambrosia was known as the nectar that is only for the Gods…Ambrosia will bring immortality and beauty to those who drank even just a sip of its sweetness. We won’t promise immortality, but our Ambrosia Fumari shisha tobacco is worthy for the Gods and Goddesses. You will love the sweet melon flavor and thick, delicious smoke from Ambrosia’s shisha.