White Owl Cigarillos - White Grape

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White Owl White Grape Cigarillos are perfect to be shared with friends over a drink at a bar. The aromatic smoke enlivens your spirit and makes every celebration more memorable. The cigarillos contain a well-balanced blend of tobaccos from five different countries and are infused with subtle notes of white grape. You can pair them with a glass of red wine to enjoy an enhanced sweetness and richness. The cigarillos are rolled with a homogenized sheet wrapper and binder which offer you a consistent flavor, every time you light one up.

Each pair of cigars is encased a in foil pouch that can be resealed. The pouches ensure that the cigars retain their freshness and don’t dry out. The sticks measure 4 ⅝ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28, making them great for a quick smoke. They are manufactured by Swedish Match in Dothan, Alabama and distributed across America.