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Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Mango Box


Mango is a fruit that is loved by people of all ages. Similarly, Al Fakher’s Mango flavor tobacco is liked by people of all age groups. The tobacco has a great taste and produces excellent smoke clouds. It is soothing to smoke, and its mild yet sweet scent lingers in the room and gives a calming effect.

The tobacco is mild and easy to smoke; that is why it is loved by all, especially by new hookah smokers. The Mango tobacco can be mixed with a variety of other Al Fakher flavors to make a unique blend – so use your creativity and make your blend.

Why choose Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Mango Box?

  • It can be mixed with other flavors to make new ones.
  • It is one of Al Fakher’s mostly loved tobacco flavors.
  • It produces great smoke and offers great smoking pleasure for hookah lovers.
  • It has a refreshing and smooth taste.

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