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Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Peach Box


Al Fakher is a brand that is renowned in the world. It is a brand that every shisha lover knows about. It is a brand people trust and relies on for great hookah tobacco flavors. Al Fakher Hookah tobacco flavors have a considerable variety.

Peach tobacco of Al Fakher is a flavor that has no parallel. It is one of the best flavors Al Fakher has to offer, and almost everyone loves it. It provides excellent smoking pleasure with thick smock and great taste. One great thing is that you can either enjoy it as-is or mix it with other flavors to create your unique blend. Just use your creativity and see what you come up with. 

Why choose Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Peach Box?

  • It offers a great taste.
  • It produces thick smoke and has a soothing flavor.
  • It can be mixed with other flavors to make great blends.

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