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Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Grape W/Mint Box


Al Fakher has a great range of flavors. The flavors taste fresh and smooth. Al Fakher’s flavors provide the best shisha experience to the smoker; that is why it is the leading brand for tobacco products globally. Grape Tobacco is an excellent tobacco flavor by Al Fakher, and it tastes like a real grape.

It is one of the essential tobacco flavors required to blend different tobacco flavors. It produces a great smoke and has a soothing and smooth taste. It is a trendy hookah flavor, and it has been a fan favorite ever since it was first released in the market.

Why choose Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Grape with Mint Box?

  • It is one of the most loved flavors. 
  • It produces great smoke and has a pleasing smell. 
  • It is an essential requirement for reproducing your flavor blends. 
  • It has a clean grape taste with the coolness of mint.
  • It offers a loveable hookah experience with immense mists.


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