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Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Guava Box


When people ask what the best shisha flavor is? That is easy to smoke; it produces excellent smoke and has a great taste. Many would reply that it is Al Fakher Tobacco Guava. Al Fakher Guava tobacco is a dream come true kind of smoking because of its ultimate taste and intense smoke. The tobacco is a wonder in itself, and all love it, it would be a surprise if some hookah lover hasn’t tried this product yet or doesn’t love it. 

Al Fakher Guava tobacco is full of taste and pleasant to smell. It has a sweet and sour blend to it, and it produces thick smoke. Al Fakher Guava tastes fresh as if you are having the actual guava.

Why choose Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Guava Box?

  • It contains the flavor king of Al Fakher Tobacco Company.
  • It produces thick smoke and has a pleasant taste.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It provides the ultimate smoking experience.

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