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Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Orange w/Mint Box


Orange with mint is an intense combination of two of the most favorite hookah flavors of Al Fakher. Orange with mint has the sweet yet bitter taste of real oranges and the mint's cool icy sensation.

It gives a soothing and cooling effect when you smoke. The flavor is known to produce substantial smoke clouds and for its lingering sweet scent. It is a flavor that has always been in demand. It offers a loveable hookah experience with immense mists. It can be mixed with other flavors to make a new flavor.

It is one of the best blends Al Fakher has to offer, and everyone loves it. 

Why choose Al Fakher 250G Tobacco Orange with Mint Box?

  • It is one of the best flavors. 
  • It produces great smoke and has a pleasant smell. 
  • It is an essential requirement for reproducing your flavor blends. 
  • It has pure citrus and orange taste with the coolness of mint.

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