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Backwoods SINGLE Cigar - Honey Bourbon



There are plenty of cigarillos types, but the best among all cigarillos are of Backwoods, especially Backwoods Single Cigar - Honey Bourbon. This product is top-rated and finest. So all cigarillo lovers should soothe their senses with the newest flavored cigarillo from Backwoods.

This cigarillo is filled with sweet honey and Kentucky bourbon, which is warm and soothing. It is made of 100 % pure and natural tobacco. Sweet honey makes this cigarillo even more tasty and pleasant. Backwoods Single Cigar - Honey Bourbon has a mild aroma that pleases your smoking needs.

Honey bourbon cigarillo is packed in an upright box. This box contains 24 rustic looking cigars, and each of them is sealed in a foil pouch. 

Why choose Backwoods Single Cigar - Honey Bourbon?

  • They give the unique taste which fulfills your smoking needs.
  • They are made of 100% pure tobacco.
  • The strength is mild, so it does not harm your throat.

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