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Black Diamond Aluminum Hookah Foil


Veteran Hookah smokers do not compromise on the Hookah quality. An excellent hookah quality consists of many factors such as foil, coals, flavor and water level, etc. A good foil is one of the most critical factors that contribute to an excellent Hookah pleasure.

The Aluminum Hookah foil by Black Diamond is the ultimate hookah foil that is pre-punched to give you the best hookah experience. The pre-punched holes are symmetrical and do not let the flavor burn for a long time; this ensures an excellent hookah taste and substantial smoke clouds. Most importantly, it saves you the hassle of punching holes in the foil and saves your time. Therefore, it is a product you must have when you want to light up hookah at a moment’s notice.

Why choose Black Diamond Aluminum Hookah foil? 

  • It is pre-punched Aluminum foil; you can use it instantly without worrying about punching holes.
  • Its pre-punched holes ensure the ultimate hookah pleasure.
  • It ensures that you get substantial smoke clouds.

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