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Byo Hookah 16" Token 1 Hose CK5029


A fully functional and highly portable 1 Hose unit that comes with click technology, Byo Hookah 16” Token 1 Hose is perfect when you require a powerful hookah for portable on-the-go sessions. This hookah has click technology, meaning it locks the hookah stem to the hookah vase which considerably enhances the flavor of smoke due to the perfect airflow.

The bowl is made from scratch-resistant and high-quality glass and has a colored bottom which gives it a premium look. Byo Hookah 16” Token 1 Hose further features a heavy aluminum tray along with a colored aluminum stem with a spring. It has an 11” handle hose with matching color shade, making it a perfect hookah for long sheesha sessions while in gathering. It comes in a variety of color shades, letting you choose the best color combination for an addition to your hookah collection.


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