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Byo Hookah 18" Nebula 1 Hose CK5001


Featuring Byo’s patent Click Technology that ensures the smoke remains strong and flavorful, Byo Hookah 18” Nebula 1 Hose is a 1 Hose smoking powerful. It features a stainless steel tube and a high-quality downtube with a diffuser that ensures steady airflow. The stem is crafted from sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum, making it immune to corrosion and guaranteeing a strong flavor.

Byo Hookah 18” Nebula 1 Hose comes with a scratch-resistant chameleon glass base with a 10” long grip handle hose which further has a matching tip with the overall color of hookah, adding an extra layer of aesthetics to the design. This 1 hose power unit comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, making this hookah an amazing unit to show off in gatherings with your friends.


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