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Byo Hookah 18" Orion 1 Hose CK5000


Featuring an oval bowl that has a thick base and narrowed upper body, Byo Hookah 18” Orion 1 Hose is a high-quality hookah that provides strong hits with each puff. Its uniquely designed bowl lets the smoke cool in an efficient manner, and a stainless steel tube and downtube with diffuser enhance the airflow which further enhances the taste and flavor of smoke.

Byo Hookah 18” Orion 1 Hose comes with click technology and its stem is locked with its vase which eliminates any irregular airflow disruptions, enhancing the flow and flavor of the smoke. It further comes with a 10” grip handle hose that fits perfectly in your hands and makes this hookah perfect for long smoking sessions while in a gathering. Byo Hookah 18” Orion 1 Hose comes in a variety of different colors, each variation being equally stunning in design and quality.


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