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Byo Hookah 18" Zuki 1 Hose CK5020


Simplistic yet majestic in the design, Byo Hookah 18” Zuki 1 Hose is powerful when it comes to delivering strong flavorful smoke. It features Byo’s patent click technology, the stem is locked with the vase which ensures a steady airflow and eliminates any irregular air which not only strengthens the flavor and strength but also ensures the smoke remains thick.

Byo Hookah 18” Zuki 1 Hose is a fully washable hookah and features stainless steel tube with a scratchless glass bowl which are immune to corrosion so that you could enjoy powerful hits for years to come. It comes with a long hookah hose with a soft silicone grip, making this hookah a perfect puffing partner for smoking gatherings. Moreover, this stunning hookah comes in a variety of 3 gorgeous colors that will make it an amazing flair added to your collection.


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