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Byo Hookah 23" Rip Grow In The Dark 1 Hose CK7002


A fully washable 1 hose powerhouse that stands at 23” tall and has an ultra-wide glass base with added stability, Byo Hookah 23” RIP Glow In The Dark 1 Hose features Byo’s patented click technology which guarantees a stable airflow as the stem is locked with the vase. It has stainless steel downstream installed which is resistant to corrosion, all while increasing the flavor of massive clouds.

Moreover, this hookah is stunningly designed which will make it an impressive addition to your collection. Byo Hookah 23” RIP Glow In The Dark 1 Hose comes with a glow in the dark base, so just turn your lights off and enjoy your strong hits from glowing hookah. This hookah further comes in a variety of colors, each variation being equally gorgeous.

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