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Byo Hookah 24" Kirin 1 Hose CK5014


Featuring a natural wood shaft with stainless steel tube to provide extra durability, Byo Hookah 24” Kirin 1 Hose CK5014 employs a medical-grade silicone hose with a spring guard and aerospace-grade aluminum hardware. This high-quality durable hookah will give you strong hits for years to come.

Its downtube diffuser with an ergonomically designed base ensures the smoke not only gets cool in an efficient manner but also gathers around for a long time to strengthen its flavor. It also comes with a long pipe with a beaded handle that will fit in your hands perfectly. Byo Hookah 24” Kirin 1 Hose CK5014 comes in three color variations to choose from, each equally gorgeous so that you get to choose which one will be a perfect fit as a new addition to your hookah collection.

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