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Carbosilica Chillum Hand Pipe Asst'd Color


A gorgeous hand pipe crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass, Carbosilica Chillum Hand Pipe Asst’d Color is an amazing pipe that will give you strong hits. It features Carboscilica coating over borosilicate glass that provides an extra layer of elegance and durability.

A perfect one-hitter hand pipe to hit puffs irrespective of the place and time, Carbosilica Chillum Hand Pipe Asst’d Color is a portable pipe that you can carry around inside your pocket for microdose with ease. It further features a gorgeous color contrast with black Carbosilica coating on the outside and green color shade on the inside. As it is a chillum hand pipe, it has a chillum stone that blocks the debris providing a clean hit with every usage.

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