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Chameleon Glass Ash Catcher Spoon


 A classic piece of art with a gorgeous system of catching ash, Chameleon Glass Ash Cather Spoon is a perfect pipe for your puff sessions due to its portability and ease of usage. It features a unique indent in the mouthpiece, anything that is lighter than air such as ash and debris gets trapped in the indent due to the natural gravity pull which in return provides you ash-free puff sessions. The ash gets collected at the indent’s base which you can easily clean later on.

Crafted from high-quality sturdy and dense glass that gives it extreme durability, its unique design lets you microdose whenever and wherever you want. It has a perfectly designed mouthpiece that will fit right into your hand. It has Chameleon Ash Catcher inscribed on the pipe that adds to the authenticity. It further comes in a range of color shades that lets you get a spoon of your liking.

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