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Charcoblaze Quick Lighting Coconut Charcoal


Coconut shell coals are better than traditional coals because they are environment friendly and odorless. They also burn quicker than the conventional coals and lasts much longer. Most importantly, they burn at a low temperature and do not burn the Hookah's flavor and ensure a great smoking experience. 

Charcoblaze Quick Lighting coal is made with coconut shells, and the box contains ten rolls of 10 pieces, i.e., 100 pieces in total. They are cut in a circular shape and provide the best hookah experience. These coals burn longer and produce high-quality smoke and give you the ultimate Hookah experience. They are environment-friendly and odorless.

Why choose Charcoblaze Hookah Coal Quick Lighting Roll?

  • It is made with coconut shells, and it is 100% organic.
  • It burns quicker as compared with other coals available in the market.
  • It burns for a longer time-period as compared to other coals available in the market.
  • It is environment friendly. 

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