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Exxus Vaporizer Exxus Plus VV Battery Black


The Exxus Plus vv oil cartridge vaporizer has a user-friendly and straightforward pen-style design. You have to click five times to turn on and off and hold a button to fire. You have to click twice for 15-second sesh mode – 1 click ends sesh mode. You can adjust the voltage by clicking thrice. Since this is a variable voltage, pen-style battery, the Exxus Plus' voltage can be adjusted to 3 different voltages, i.e., Red – 4.0 Volt, Green – 3.2 Volt, and Blue – 2.6 Volt. 

 There are two ways to charge the Exxus Plus vv cartridge vaporizer. You can either charge it by USB or micro USB. It has a lithium-ion 380 mAh battery and 510 thread tank attachments that make it compatible with most tanks and cartridges available in the market.

Why choose Exxus Vaporizer Plus VV battery?

  • It is simple and user-friendly.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can easily adjust its voltage.
  • It can be charged by two different means.

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