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Fumari Mint Chocolate Chip Tobacco Pouch


Fumari 100G Mint Chocolate Chip Tobacco is nothing less than a miracle. It is the perfect combination of Mint and Chocolate Chip tobacco flavor and thus provides the ultimate shisha experience. Fumari 100G Mint Chocolate Chip Tobacco has all that takes to be the best shisha flavor i.e., quality smoke, great taste, and enticing scent.

The flavor is known for its great taste and thick smoke clouds that all shisha lovers love. The taste is sweet and creamy, and the scent is straight out of this world. It is one of the best flavors that are available in the market. The best thing is that it tastes so fresh, and it almost feels like a real chocolate chip and mint.

Why choose Fumari 100G Mint Chocolate Chip Tobacco?

  • It is the perfect blend of Mint and Chocolate Chip.
  • The flavor of this tobacco is exquisite.
  • The flavor has a great taste and produces excellent quality smoke.

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