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Fumari 100G Hookah Tob - White Peach Pouch


Fumari 100G Hookah tobacco – white peach pouch comes in a resealable pouch that maintains its freshness and sweet taste. It has been a customer favorite for a long time now due to its freshness and sweet taste. It is an anywhere anytime kind of a hookah flavor. It will soak into your taste buds and make you fell in love with the flavor.

It guarantees excellent quality and intensity of smoke for the top-notch hookah experience. It can be used as a mixer mixed with other hookah tobacco flavors to produce newer blends. It is one of the most liked hookah flavors of Fumari. It gives the feel that you have a real white peach. 

Why choose Fumari 100G Hookah Tobacco – White Peach Pouch?

  • It produces thick smoke in huge quantities.
  • It gives the ultimate hookah pleasure.
  • It has a sweet smell that gives a soothing effect.
  • It is a must-try tobacco if you like huge smoke clouds.

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