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Good Times 2ct Sweet Woods Leaf – Rum River


Sweet woods is common for making leaf rusting cigarillos. They have presented us numerous super hit cigar, and here is another which has been a successful achievement. The name of this unique cigarillo is Good Times 2ct Sweet Woods Leaf – Rum River.

Great Times 2ct Sweet Woods Leaf is very notable among all the cigarillo fans on account of its characteristics. This cigar is likewise called cheroot. Individuals accepts that it is the principal style of cigar that was first rolled. It is finished pure cigar which has been produced using 100 % fresh tobacco. Rum river flavor has a sweet scent and a mild flavor. Its taste is so delicious that everyone wants to smoke it. As this is a premium cigar so it satisfies the ultimate wants of its fans.

Why choose Good Times 2ct Sweet Woods Leaf – Rum River?

  • It is 100% pure and fresh cigar.
  • It has a sweet mild scent of Rum River.
  • It is a slow burning cigarillo.

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