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Grunge Off 16.9OZ Cleaner


The cleaning of glass, whether it is a bong’s pipe or a hookah’s base, can be a tough job to do. The cleaner has to be very careful while dealing with the glass. Moreover, if the glass is not cleaned correctly, then the smoke residue will be left in the glass, affecting the taste. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a product that can be used to clean the glass quickly.

Grunge off cleaner is a reliable glass cleaner that is very easy to use. Grunge off glass cleaner cleans the pipe and makes it look as it has never been used. The most crucial aspect of Grunge off cleaner is that it is reusable. Therefore, Grunge off glass cleaner is the best option for your glass cleaning needs.

Why choose Grunge Off cleaner?

  • It is very easy to use.
  • Cleans the glass pipe and makes it look new.
  • It is a reusable cleaner.

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