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High Hemp 2CT Grapeape Wraps


There are a number of companies that offers wraps but none of them can compete High hemp. Wraps are made for rolling cigarettes and is made from tobacco leaves. The company claims that High hemp Grapeape is this third flavored warps that they have created professionally by using everything organic and natural.  High Hemp Grapeape Wraps has been made by adding many types of grapes altogether such as: Candice, autumn royale, and concord. This combination of grapes makes a unique flavor names Grapeape.

The great quality of high hemp Grapeape wraps is that this is 100 % organic and original. The satisfaction of this grape flavored wrap is guaranteed. Sweet and light aroma of this wrap makes us want to smell it over and over again. High Hemp 2CT Grapeape Wraps comes in a pouch of two wraps and two filter tips.

Why choose High Hemp 2CT Grapeape Wraps?

  • The satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Sweet and light aroma.
  • 100 % ORGANIC and ORIGINAL.

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