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Native Charcoal Box


The Native Charcoal box contains 108 pieces of coconut shell charcoal that comes in large cubes to ensure longer smoke sessions without the hassle of changing coals repeatedly. Native Charcoal is chemical-free and a hundred percent organic. The Native Charcoal is tasteless, smokeless, and odorless. It does not contain sulfur.

It is one of the best available coconut shell charcoals for hookah in the market. The Charcoal ensures good smoke, pleasant taste, and a quality hookah experience. The Native Charcoal lasts longer and does not burn the upper layer of the flavor. No trees are harmed during the production of this coal because they are made from coconut shells. 

Why choose the Native Charcoal box?

  • It contains 108 pieces of Native Coconut Shell Charcoal.
  • It is chemical-free and it is made up of coconut shell.
  • It comes in a large cube shape.
  • It is tasteless, smokeless, and odorless.
  • It burns up to sixty minutes.

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