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Orange Chronic 4OZ Cleaner

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A perfect water pipe cleaner that provides instant and optimal results fast, Orange Chronic 40oz Cleaner eliminates any need for scrubbing. Over time, the water pipe can get pretty nasty with all the resin and residue that smoke leaves behind. This residue can significantly alter the taste of the smoke or worse, it can become toxic for the user. Orange Chronic 40oz Cleaner with its eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients will sparkling clean your pieces all while brightening the shine of your glass and deodorizing it in the process.

No need to soak your pieces for hours as Orange Chronic 40oz Cleaner will remove residue in a matter of minutes. It comes in 40oz quantity and it instantly cleans the residue, you can get significantly more cleaning out of Orange Chronic 40oz Cleaner than other cleaners on market.