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Pastel Swirl One Hitter 3.5"


Sneak in little rips of your favorite herbs at any place any time with Pastel Swirl One Hitter 3.5”, a gorgeous one-hitter pipe that is crafted for the sole purpose of giving the flexibility and portability to puff at any time.

Crafted from sturdy and dense borosilicate glass that gives it essential durability, Pastel Swirl One Hitter 3.5” is highly portable due to its small size design and easy to carry around due to its light weight. It features a spiral swirl design that starts from the top and ends up at the small bowl at its bottom. It comes in a range of gorgeous color shades. Enjoy your puff as the smoke twists through this one-hitter glass with Pastel Swirl One Hitter 3.5”.

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