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Piece Water Solution 4oz


When you are smoking, you desire pleasure, adequate smoke, and great taste. An excellent smoking pleasure can only be achieved if the bong is clean. Usually, to clean the bong, you have to use the harsh chemicals, but residue smell is still left between water changes.  

4oz piece water solution is the best choice for a better smoke taste. Just shake the piece water solution bottle and add piece water to the water pipe of a clean bong and enjoy. Not only this, but piece water solution acts as a filter for smoke particulate. It is advised to store it in a refrigerator for cold hits and use only as much as needed.


  • The piece of water is 100% organic and non-toxic.
  • Acts as a smoke filter and supports in much cleaner and smoother hits.
  • It helps to wash your bong easily with just tap water instead of chemicals.
  • Keeps your bong clean when you are smoking.

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