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Red River 16OZ Pipe Tobacco - Coolmint Bag


Red River Cool mint Pipe Tobacco utilizes solid minty flavors to make a tasty and cooling mix. This flavor is a solid match for somebody searching for a solid minty tobacco. Red River includes a more customary and pleasant tobacco taste, that you would discover with more deal arranged mixes. The full line is pointed towards experienced smokers who can deal with a harsher kick and delayed flavor impression.

Red River Pipe Tobacco is made by Global Tobacco LLC in Dallas, Texas. This is a cheap pipe tobacco that utilizes moderate and promptly accessible tobaccos to make even and full enhanced mixes. Each pack arrives in a re-sealable pocket intended to keep the tobacco new and prepared to utilize.

Why choose Red River 16OZ Pipe Tobacco – Cool mint Bag?

  • It is cheap in rate.
  • It utilizes more tobacco than other pipes.
  • Its flavor is excellent.

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