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Rescue Detox 17OZ Ice - Blueberry


Rescue Detox 17oz Ice-Blueberry is an exceptional detoxification product that provides on-the-go instant cleansing under 90 minutes. It starts its magic immediately and completely cleanses the body (for low to medium toxicity levels) in under 90 minutes. It eliminates the toxins, pollutants, and free radicals from the body, and its effects last for 5 hours. It features an Ice-Blueberry taste that is refreshing and tasty.

Made from natural herbs, the 17oz bottle is suitable for people under 200lbs weight and has low to medium toxin levels. If you weigh above 200lbs and have high toxins, we highly suggest purchasing our Rescue Detox 32oz Ice-Blueberry. Rescue Detox 17oz Ice-Blueberry is highly portable so carry it around with you for instant detoxification.

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