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Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle - Sandalwood


Several vendors claim their product eliminates the foul odor from the air. Whereas, it only covers it temporarily. However, Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Sandalwood is a product that removes the foul smell from tobacco products such as hookah, cigarette, and cigars, etc. It also removes the pet odors in the air.

The Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Sandalwood removes all kinds of bad odors. It leaves a sweet, soothing lingering smell. The candle contains enzymes that attack the odor particles and remove them permanently. Each candle 13.oz can burn up to 50-75 hours, and it is a perfect gift for smokers and people with pets. It is ideal for indoor settings where people smoke, such as hookah lounges, etc.

Why choose Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Sandalwood?

  • It eliminates all kinds of bad odors in the air.
  • It is excellent for smokers and pet owners.
  • It can also be used for meditation purposes.

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