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Starbuzz Charcoal - Coconut Shell 35 mm Roll


Coconut shell charcoal is better than regular charcoal. It is environment friendly, odorless, and tasteless. It burns at a low temperature and does not burn the top layer of the flavor and ensures that you get a more pleasant hookah experience for a more extended time. It produces high-quality smoke.

Starbuzz charcoal 35mm roll contains ten high-quality coconut shell charcoals for Hookah. These charcoals are made from coconut shells and are environment friendly. These coals are not only environmentally friendly but also light instantly. One significant advantage of using the Starbuzz coconut shell charcoal is that they last three times more than the regular coals and give brilliant smoke. They burn clean and are odorless and tasteless.

Why choose Starbuzz Charcoal – Coconut Shell 35 mm Roll? 

  • It burns quickly as compared to other charcoals.
  • It burns three times longer as compared to other charcoals.
  • It is budget-friendly and environment-friendly.
  • It gives clean burning.

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