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Swisher Sweets 2CT Cigarillos Chocolate Foil Pouch


Swisher sweets have various flavored cigarillos and electronic cigarettes. They give their best to maintain their brand image by providing us the best cigarillos, which are made up of 100% pure and natural blended tobacco. They introduced us with a great cigarillo, which has a mouthwatering flavor, “Chocolate.” Swisher Sweets 2CT Cigarillos Chocolate Foil Pouch is as good as its name. If you are a cigarillo lover and you know about cigars so you will love this cigarillo.

It has a chocolaty taste and chocolaty color which attracts people to itself. The aroma of chocolate is so mouthwatering that you would want to try this flavor of Swisher Sweets. It comes in a packet of two fresh cigarillos. These cigarillos come in a resealable pouch, so you don’t have to worry that they will lose their flavor and freshness.

Why choose Swisher Sweets Chocolate Cigarillos Foil Pouch?

  • The cigarillos are in a resealable pouch that maintains freshness.
  • 1 pouch contains two cigarillos.
  • These cigarillos are sure to provide you a great smoking experience.

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