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Swisher Sweets 2CT Cigarillos Coastal Cocktai Foil Pouch


Swisher Sweets Coastal Cocktail Cigarillos are the ideal summer smoke! Highlighting premium tobacco fillers imbued with the fruity pith of kiwis and peaches completed in an all-common leaf covering, these cigarillos will cause you to feel like you're on a tropical sea shore! The resealable foil pockets make them simple to take anyplace you go throughout the entire summer. Swisher Sweet Coastal Cocktail Cigarillos highlight extraordinary fruity flavors and is temporarily available as it  is a limited edition.

The mild taste and juicy smell of this coastal cocktail cigarillo is unique and addictive. Swisher Sweets 2CT Cigarillos Coastal Cocktail Foil Pouch is a slow burning cigar so you can enjoy it for a long time. The flavor is sweet while the smoke is smooth so it makes this a perfect match.

Why choose Swisher Sweets 2CT Cigarillos Coastal Cocktai Foil Pouch?

  • It is a slow burn.
  • It has smooth smoke.
  • It has a sweet and mild flavor.


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