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Titanium 72CT Coconut Charcoal LG Cubes Box


Titanium is the newest Hookah charcoal product in the market. It claims that they are the only brand that uses 100% pressed coconut shell, contrary to other brands’ claims. Most brands use fillers such as saw dust and wood to cut costs, which causes low performance of the charcoals. Titanium focuses on producing quality coconut shell charcoals that ensure a great hookah session. 

These are low-medium heat charcoals, and they last very long. The box contains 72 cubes of coconut charcoals. These charcoals are excellent in quality and produce great smoke, but most importantly, they do not burn the flavor. As a result, the hookah tastes more fresh and enjoyable. 

Why choose Titanium Coconut Charcoal LG Cubes Box?

  • It contains 100% coconut charcoal cubes.
  • These are low-medium heat charcoals that last long.
  • The charcoals do not burn the upper layer of the flavor.
  • They provide smooth taste and great smoke – an overall excellent hookah experience.


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