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Titanium 72CT Coconut Charcoal LG Cubes Box


Introducing the newest addition to the market, TITANIUM 72CT COCONUT CHARCOAL LG CUBES BOX provides coconut charcoals made from 100% natural coconut shells with an enhanced ergonomic cube design that ensures maximum burn time. These charcoals are free from chemicals and additives, making them highly pleasant to smoke with. Having no chemical layer makes them odorless, tasteless, and spark-free.

Most of the coconut charcoals on the market add fillers such as wood and sawdust which adds a layer of odor and taste. TITANIUM 72CT COCONUT CHARCOAL LG CUBES BOX charcoals are 100% free of these fillers, thus they burn more and leave a delightful taste that makes them perfect for longer and satisfying smoking sessions.

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