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White Rhino Pruf 2-1 Jar Silicone


A 2 in 1 jar that will provide you with an efficient and highly secure means to store your stash. White Rhino Pruf 2-1 Jar Silicone has a glass body concealed in a gorgeous silicone with a see-through section that lets you see how much concentrate is left. The silicone is strong enough to protect the jar from accidental breakage, making it a perfect jar to carry around with you.

White Rhino Pruf 2-1 Jar Silicone also features a built-in non-sticky silicone dish that will securely store all of your concentrates. The lid provides airtightness that ensures your stash doesn’t get worse. It comes in two gorgeous color shades, making this jar not only a high-quality jar that will eliminate any need to carry around multiple jars but also provides versatility.


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