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White Rhino Reclaim It Silicone Glow In The Dark


Style meets creativity, a mesmerizing reclaimer that goes above water pipes and is used with bangers. Highly efficient and portable, White Rhino Reclaim-It Silicone Glow In The Dark has a bottom that can fit two sizes, 14mm and 19mm bangers. The bottom also comes in two sizes of 14mm and 19mm to fit perfectly water pipes.

The body is crafted from sturdy silicone that provides it durability along with a gorgeous design that will add an extra layer of elegance and style to your sessions. It further captures any unused concentrates into a small silicone jar that can be removed. Not only does it feature exquisite color shades but it also glows in the dark so add some fun to your sessions with White Rhino Reclaim-It.

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