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XXL Cigar Wraps 2CT - White Grape


There are many brands which produces cigar wraps but none of them could ever compete royal blunts, because of the top notch quality of royal blunts.  Royal blunts never failed to satisfy the smokers. Just like they manufactured the top hit wraps, they have introduced all the smokers with and epic product named XXL Cigar Wraps 2CT White Grape. The white grape flavor has a mild and unique taste which is loved by many fans. It also has a sweet scent which does not irritate you while smoking it.

These white grape flavored wraps by royal blunts contains nicotine in them. They comes in a box that has 25 pouches in it and each pouch has 2 fresh and smooth, made with hemp wraps.

Why choose XXL Cigar Wraps 2CT White Grape?

  • They contains nicotine in them.
  • The flavor is pleasant.
  • XXL Cigar Wraps 2CT White Grape made with pure hemp.

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